We understand that a technology so new arouses some questions.

General FAQs

Biometrics is the study of automated methods for verification and recognition of the identity of a person based on his physiology or his behavior patterns. We all have unique morphological features that make us different and any equipment that measures any of these biometric characteristics is considered biometric.

The facial biometrics allows the recognition of a particular person by their facial features.

Face recognition is more natural and less intrusive than other types of biometrics (fingerprint, iris, etc). In addition, it also requires very little cooperation from the user and confers a high security level regarding phishing.

Perfect for environments where contact with the device is not possible for hygiene reasons: laboratories, etc.

No. Excluding sunglasses or dark glasses, then do not allow the eye can see, there is no problem with using glasses or contact lenses. Logically, it is advisable to use glass lenses that are clear and transparent to both the eyes and the iris, are clearly visible.

No. The core of the system we use face recognition, ensures maximum discrimination impostors. Tests have been conducted on twins and the system has not produced errors. The system is so fexible allowing security levels.

Yes. Elements such as the makeup, the hairstyle, the beard or the glasses are not significant for the system to not recognize you.

The face recognition system is used by ORNA INNOVATIONS tolerant moderate changes caused by the passage of time and changes associated gestural dermatological problems. Ostante No radical changes to the user can be registered again as the system allows many records of the same user as needed.

No. The main recommendation is to have a natural pose, while you look at the camera. The optimum position is the front (full-face).

To make the recognition process easier, you will only need to look at the woman's face on the screen.

Our face recognition system is based on tablet-pc, at a distance of about 3 meters front, the system is able to recognize a face and tell you to get closer to the device. About 75 cm of the device and the system can recognize, but not to worry, because if you need to approach or to move the system will tell you.

Lighting is a very important factor. The light, if possible, must be evenly distributed over the face.

However, our sophisticated face recognition algorithm adjusts automatically the brightness variations, what allows the authentication in any environment.

No. The system does not work with images, but with facial patterns that only contains crucial structural elements of the face. Through these patterns is not possible to reconstruct a picture of the user.

You can download the program and get a licence from this website at any time. If you buy a licence, you will get a unique key that must be entered in the program to be activated. If you only download the program, you will get a free PRO version totally functional for 30 days.

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